Privacy Policy

Poignant Projects Privacy Policy

Straight to the point...

Personal Information Collected: Absolutely Nothing.

Non-Personal Information Collected:
  • A tally of which features are used the most.  This allows me to focus development efforts where it matters most.

If the app crashes, the following information is sent to me (and only me):
  • The stacktrace (where in the code the crash occured)
  • Which version of the app being used
  • Which country the device is being used in
  • If the device's mobile data connection is on or off
  • If the device's Wifi is on or off
  • If the device's GPS is on or off
  • The device's IP address at the time of the crash
  • What version of Android is on the device
  • What model of phone/tablet the device is known as
  • The device's screen width, height, density, and orientation

This information is only used to fix the issue that caused the crash and improve the product.  None of it can be used to personally identify you in any way.

That's all folks!